Script for reporting directory permissions

This Script lists the ACE’s from a given URL or Drive letter.
<# .SYNOPSIS This Script lists the ACE's from a given URL or Drive letter. .DESCRIPTION This Script lists the Access Control Entries from a given URL or Drive letter. When you provide the script a file location it recurses through that file structure finding directories. It then displays the permissions granted to each directory. This informationion is caputered an a text document called c:\temp\permissions.txt You can specify a depth by default the depth is 1 which is the folders under the folders in the specified directory. a depth of zero is the folders on the current level. .EXAMPLE Get-PDTFolderPermission -UNCPath "\\internal\Users\Central\" -Depth 0 This writes the permissions of the directories below central to c:\temp\permissions.txt .EXAMPLE Get-PDTFolderPermission -UNCPath c:\temp -TargetDirectoryOnly This displays only the permissions to the temp directory to the shell. #>
Function Get-PDTFolderPermission {
        [int]$Depth = 1,

        (get-acl $UNCPath ).Access | Format-Table IdentityReference,FileSystemRights
        if(Test-Path c:\temp\Permissions.txt){
            Remove-Item c:\temp\Permissions.txt -Force -Confirm:$false -Verbose
        New-Item -Path c:\temp\Permissions.txt -ItemType File
        Write-Verbose "Collecting a list of directories"
        $Directories = (Get-ChildItem $UNCPath -Depth $Depth -Directory -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -Verbose).FullName
        Write-Verbose "Processing each Directory in Directories"
        foreach($Directory in $Directories){
        Write-Verbose "Working on Directory $Directory"
        $Directory | out-file c:\temp\Permissions.txt -Append
        (get-acl $Directory -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -Verbose).Access |Format-Table IdentityReference,FileSystemRights -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | out-file c:\temp\Permissions.txt -Append

    }#End else


Get-PDTFolderPermission -UNCPath "S:\Workgroup\Core_Infrastructure\Operations"  -Verbose