Starting an AWS Instance

Open the AWS management console

Click services EC2


click EC2


From the EC2 Dashboard click Launch Instance


Choose whatever Linux instance type you want. I usually use Amazon Linux or Ubuntu for this demo I use Amazon Linux it works well enough for this purpose.


Select an instance type I usually choose the M3 medium but if you are new to AWS you can run a t2 micro  for a year for free so if this applies to you. You may as well use it.


click next to configure instance details


Be sure to select enable under Auto-assign Public IP and click next to Add Storage


click Next Tag Instance


Optionally you can create a tag. This is good if you have multiple instances and you want to keep track of what is what.


For the configure Security Group page it is a good idea to change source to My IP if you have a static IP address. It is also a good idea to name the security group something meaningful. If you are doing this for the first time choose Create a new security group otherwise you may want to use and existing one.

Click review and launch


You will most likely see this pop up the first time you do this click next and use the default. Magnetic drives are slower.


Select your existing key pair if have not created one already there is an option to create a new key pair. Acknowledge that you have access to the key pair and click launch instance


Click view instances


Wait until Status Checks changes to 2/2 checks before trying to connect. You may need to press refresh to see that it changes and this does take a few minutes


when you see the green tick 2/2 checks you can connect to the instance.