Adding a user to a local group

The GUI way


Right click on My Computer

Click Manage

or type compmgmt.msc in start menu.



from computer management select local users and groups

select users

find the user you want to add to a group and select properties

Select the Member Of tab click Add and select the group you want to add them to.


A quicker and batch scriptable way of doing this is

net localgroup GROUPNAME /add paul

The batch script adds a user called itadmin adds it to the Administrators group and removes it from the users local group all in a fraction of the time it would take using the GUI.

net user itadmin P@ssw0rd /add /fullname:itadmin /expires:NEVER /passwordchg:no                        /usercomment:”Administrator account”

net localgroup administrators itadmin /add

net localgroup users itadmin /delete